How to Save on Energy Consumption While Playing Poker on Dell 1545 Battery?

If you are one of those poker players that can’t skip a day without playing at least once on an online poker table, you’re probably playing it on your laptop. The biggest advantage of playing games on a laptop is that you can do it wherever you are. On an airport terminal, in a coffee shop, or even at work, whenever you have time to spare you’ll probably spend it on testing your skills and luck on an online poker match. The problem is the battery life, but here are some ways you can save on battery energy and add more time to your online matches.

Overcharging Problems.

Most of the laptop users leave their battery in their laptop as they play games, and this isn’t a problem with most laptop batteries. However, with Dell 1545 battery you might want to consider removing it while you have your charger plugged in. Although this is a great, relatively cheap laptop battery, it heats a lot and overcharging it may cause damage. Once you start playing poker online, the last thing that you want is to get a low battery notification. If you’ve played for more than 3 hours, this is totally normal. However, if you’ve played only for 45 to 60 minutes, having this notification pop up might suggest that you have a problem with your battery. This is why you need to remove it every time it reaches 100 percent. Once it’s full, remove it and store it until you don’t have access to a power source. You’ll be extending the battery life this way, and have more time to play online poker.

Playing Poker on Dell 1545 Battery

Brightness and Sound.

Another thing that isn’t necessary while playing online poker is sound and brightness. Once you’re playing on your battery alone, you need to consume as little energy as possible. Reducing the brightness to 50 or even 25 percent will Playing Poker on Dell 1545 Batteryconsiderably extend the life of your Dell 1545 battery. Simply go to your battery settings and set default brightness settings to 50 percent, or if you don’t mind playing with dimmed brightness, you can set it at 25 percent. This way you won’t have to adjust it every time you plug in your battery. Another thing that’s completely unnecessary while playing online poker is sound. Who needs that cheering crowd sound every time you have a good hand? The only thing you’re focusing on is the game. Look for a sound icon on your selected server; it should be on the top right corner. Depending on the server that you’re using, you might want to look for a cogwheel icon, and adjust the sound options from there. Turn off effects as well as music. This will greatly reduce your battery life and add some time to your online poker sessions. Now you’re set to play online poker or whatever type of pokies you like, without disturbing notifications about your battery life every half hour.